On-site Chair Massages


We offer this budget friendly option for its ease and simplicity


This on-site chair wellness service provides the most space and time flexible option in our array of services.  

Our therapists will bring massage chairs to your location and set you and your party up for a convenient experience. 

Allow yourself to unwind under the skilled hands of our trained therapists on your big day, leading up to it, bachelor or bachelorette party or honeymoon.


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3 Pack - 3 hours - $330

5 Pack - 5 hours - $550


Session lengths are by 20m time slots per person

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Add a Therapist

Luxuriate in your time with us by adding a therapist.

Adding a therapist will allow more of your party to participate in the experience or extend the session lengths to a fuller relaxation potential.



(2 hour minimum for the extra therapist)


These packs may be redeemed by more than one person, please inquire about our sharing packages policy.

*     *     *     we require a minimum of two 3 packs     *     *     *