Our Services

Here is a quick overview of our services


This service has it all! An experience very unique and complete, where we bring in the works.  We focus connecting you physically, energetically and spiritually.  We guide you to balance and harmony in preparation for your union.

This will definitely be a day to remember with the addition of this service!


We thought you might want to add something unique and specialized to your big day.  So we created these luxurious services for you, your wedding party or your family members too. 

We bring the relaxation to you and pamper you from head to toe.  Our specialized services will melt your stress away and leave you floating.

Wedding 2.jpg

If you and your loved one are looking for something simple, yet still grounding and relaxing, we think these on-site group packages are just right. 

We know you have a wedding party and family to include in this unique experience, so we created 3 and 5 pack options for all to be included.


Our on-site chair wellness packages provide the most space and time flexible option.

Our budget friendly packages offer ease and simplicity.  We want everyone to experience a little relaxation, so we have 3 and 5 packs with add-ons available too! 


We have bundled together some of our services for you.

Packages starting at $611.

These can be used by more than one guest and on different days.

We can always Customize Packages.