began, bloomed and blossomed in beautiful ...

Boulder, Colorado.  We met working at the same therapeutic clinic, Jillian was the new girl, Alejandro was therapist of the year and was a graduate of the prestigious Boulder College of Massage Therapy where he also received his Associates degree in Orthopedic and Sports Massage. Jillian had moved to Boulder to pursue her education at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, While the story of our first hello is a story best told in person, we began a friendship built around mutual interest and philosophy of the wonderful world that is the human body and experience.  We traded bodywork for several weeks before we decided to actually spend some time together outside the treatment room.

Our first date started at a wine bar listening to live Jazz and talking for hours.  After the hours flew by, Alejandro invited Jillian to go dancing. Little did he know Jillian obtained a bachelors degree in fine arts as a dance performer at the University of Texas in Austin. To Jillian’s pleasant surprise, Alejandro’s Colombian dance and athletic roots kept up with her lifelong dance and movement background throughout the evening.  It was a match made in resonant, harmonic bliss.

Fast-forward six years, and then we were three.  We now have our own beautiful baby girl and have entered an exciting time in our life.  We enjoy raising our family and making a conscious effort building our locally based, Austin massage company, Wedding Wellness.  Our combined 21 years of bodywork and movement experience we have a unique and deliciously holistic view of health and wellness.  We know the importance of well-being and it is our goal and mission to add bliss to one of the most important moments of a couples lives, one ceremony at a time.

But, why Texas?

Now that we have our own family, we want to give our child(ren) a family to grow up with, a place to call home; and we thought what better place to do that than where the stars are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas.

Jillian’s parents, her sister and her family, and some cousins now all live in the greater Austin area. Being in Austin also brings us in closer proximity to the Ruiz family as well.

Jillian, having spent time in Austin for her undergrad, felt a return to Texas was the appropriate place to be.  A place to give back to the community at large that celebrated her during her time at UT in Austin.  Alejandro honed his skill set at one of the alternative healing hubs of the Americas, Boulder Colorado, in preparation to move to a larger community.  For Alejandro, Austin was also a natural progression from Boulder.  

Both of us have a deep desire to share our knowledge and love for helping others feel good in their body.  We manifest this desire by helping others prepare for their own commemoration of life and love.  We hope the circle of our loving influence ripples outward making the world a little bit better, one celebration of union at a time. 

We look forward to working with you and your wedding party, to add rejuvenation and relaxation to the most memorable of occasions.


Jillian and Alejandro