Wedding Wellness

Life is a wonderful experience.  Every moment should be cherished and enjoyed as if it were the last.  In the whirlwind that is planning your big day, it is easy to let the days slip by you and the moments go unnoticed.  The quickening pace of time as it approaches, with all the details upon smaller details which take so much out of our personal resources that by the moment of truth, many newlyweds find themselves saying; "It went by so quickly," and "I was so tired that I could barely enjoy my big day, I wish I could have slowed time down to appreciate it more."

It is our goal to provide quality services that prepare your body and mind for your big day.  It is our intention to leave you renewed, refreshed and with a sense aliveness that only being in your present moment can give you.  

We want to bring you closer to your inner Zen. That state of mind where time slows down and the minute details arise with texture and color. 

We hope your big day is full of those closest to you and buoyant emotions; laughter, joy, inner peace and optimism for the rest of your journey, together. 

As Thich Nat Han said, 

“I promise myself that I will enjoy every minute of the day that is given me to live.”


Thank you for allowing us at Wedding Wellness to bring a little bit of Zen to you.